This is Rose Bouquet in Los Angeles, California. You’ve found my little place on the web. You may have seen me around town if so, hiii! ❤️ Hit the menu on the top right to read my blog or my contact and links page. You’ll see my various stuff I’m working on, opinions, botanical hair dresses, city observations and more. Thank you for being here. Enjoy!

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  • My first Ghetto Corsage
    I made this baby a few years ago. It was super fun to make and wear. As you can see it has so many elements lol! I was wearing my other favorite pale pink nail color:)..More
  • Here I am at the dentist
    On my second to last appointment 02-25-21 wooooo! I tell you I can’t wait to smile in pictures again. My heart is smiling but my face is not or it’s covered in a mask lol! So mid March I’ll be the new me:)More
  • When the escalator stops working
    The elevator is far away. Immediate workout lol!More
  • The biggest painting I ever sold!
    This was a true honor. A woman on my Facebook told me she wanted a pic of art for her office in New York. She said she needed a size 2ft x3ft piece of art. I had never drawn anything that huge before and was so excited about getting to work. So it took me…More
  • A sign I saw in Studio City, Ca.